Rubber bands

We manufacture and supply rubber bands, rubber bands with anchors and EPDM bands


Over 20 years, We have been producing and supplying rubber bands not only to the European market.
Our product range includes standard and atypical bands and bands with an anchor.
We offer over 500 sizes of bands made of 80% or 100% natural rubber, synthetic rubber, EPDM, material suitable for the food industry and UV resistant material suitable for outdoor use.

We supply rour productss all over the world – for the automotive industry, agriculture, printers, advertising agencies, manufacturers of packaging materials and more.
Our range is complemented by various types of velcro for industrial applications – sewing, adhesive, non-flammable and special velcro for extreme conditions and outdoor use.

Standard rubber bands

Standard bands are available in natural beige color and in many different diameters.
At the customer’s request, we provide rubber bands of various colors (blue, red, green, black, yellow, white, etc.) for larger and regular orders.
Rubber bands in black color are resistant to weather conditions and UV radiation, so they are suitable for outdoor use.

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EPDM bands

Our EPDM bands have been developed in collaboration with our customers to suit their specific needs in the field of seafood, crustacean and oyster farming.

Due to their high resistance to weathering and UV radiation, ethylene propylene bands are suitable for fixing and tying plants.

Rubber bands with anchor

Fast and easy system of a fixation!

Rubber bands with anchors are ideal for the production of cable harnesses or the fixing of labels.
Black rubber bands with an anchor are specially designed for use in agriculture and vineyards.

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Atypical rubber bands

An atypical band is an rubber band with a width other than 1.8-2 mm.
We are able to provide bands in widths from 1.5 to 20 mm.
The minimum order quantity is 1 kg (rubber bands are packed in 1 kg bags).
Delivery time for atypical productss that we have in stock is 3 to 5 days, or according to the agreement with the customer.

Our rubber bands are made of various types of materials, containing 80% or 100% natural rubber (NR), synthetic rubber, EPDM, etc.
The quality of our products remains unchanged – we are ISO 9001: 2015 certified, which is a guarantee of the quality of our services.

Serena Group does not distribute paper catalogues.
Our product range is constantly evolving and the printed catalogue would become obsolete very quickly.
HERE you can download our catalog in PDF format.

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