Flexible tanks

We produce flexible tanks for liquid storage


For storage of drinking water, rainwater, wastewater, liquid fertilizers or fuels.

Flexible tanks are made of PVC-coated polyester fabric with a weight of 900 g / m2 to 1400 g / m2 depending on the volume and purpose of storage.
Fuel tanks are made of a special polyester fabric weighing 1300 g / m2 coated with Alcryn.

Our flexible tanks for storing drinking water are made of KTW-Ionesco certified materials. This certificate is issued by organizations approved in France and Germany.
The material weight of these tanks is 1100 g / m2.

Flexible tank

Our flexible tanks enable the collection and storage of rainwater without losing its volume and guarantee its perfect purity (without microalgae or larvae).

The installation of these flexible tanks is very fast and they do not require any maintenance or repairs.

They are best solution for temporary tanks at festivals, exhibitions, public works or in the maintenance of greenery and livestock.

Basic flexible tanks

These tanks have the same quality as standard, but are at more favorable prices. They are cheaper alternative to our standard tanks.

Great for private use.

Fire tanks

We produce fire reserve tanks that meet the applicable standards (especially Interdepartmental Circular No. 465 of 10 December 1951 concerning modifications and installation of backup tanks and NOR INTE1522200A Regulation of 15 December 2015, which establishes the national defense reference system for fire protection). Depending on your budget and / or your needs, we offer various accessories (DN100 valves, fire poles, hydrants, etc.).
Our engineers will recommend the best solution for your project, while respecting your normative and budgetary constraints.

We attach great importance to the quality of our products and our production unit is ISO9001-2015 certified.
We provide perfect quality from production to after-sales service.
From the demand to the dispatch of the product, you will always be accompanied by one dealer, who will be available to you during the after-sales service.

Serena Group does not distribute paper catalogues.
Our product range is constantly evolving and the printed catalogue would become obsolete very quickly.
HERE you can download our catalog in PDF format.

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