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Other products we supply


We produce protective aprons, stretchers for human transport, safety reflective straps (replacement of vests) and other products, not only in standard production but also as custom production.

Protective aprons

Our protective aprons are designed to suit every application, accessories can be added or modified according to your needs.
The aprons are made of PVC-coated fabric and therefore protect very well, they are waterproof and easy to clean.
Also available in large sizes and with adjustable straps.

SERENA group


Stretcher designed for human transport.
Our stretchers are used for move elderly or injured people during natural disasters.

Thanks to its construction without fixed reinforcements, it is possible to pack the stretcher and store it in an emergency backpack.

Custom production

We make custom protective aprons, safety elements and other products.
Everything according to your needs and wishes.

Choose the Serena Group and get a professional partner and expert in the production of tarpaulins and other products in Europe and Africa.