Bourgoin-Serena breeding tunnels are made of PVC fabric.
PVC fabric has excellent sun, moon, snow and rain resistance.
Breeding tunnels are used for breeding cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, horses, rabbits and poultry.

The big advantage of a breeding tunnel is its cost (it costs much less than a classic building), simple assembly, quick and easy installation and high durability.
We can adapt the size and equipment to your needs – customized tunnels.
We offer you various options for closing the tunnel – e.g. gate, rolling door etc.
As additional equipment it is possible to install windbreaks, inner tiles, openings for ventilation, etc.

The breeding tunnel can be converted into a storage hall – allowing you to store materials, machinery, fertilizers, grain or straw.
We will suggest a variety of improvements while designing the offer for you:
rough ending (PVC foil without eyelets or folding), ending with eyelets every 50 cm, tilt with “sleeves” to pull through cables or rods, etc.

Storage tunnels can be used during construction work to store material, machinery or cars.
In industry, they will generally find use for waste storage or special zone protection.

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